The most important element of a bass guitar is its magnetic preamplifier. By studying Research and Development, we designed two types of circuits with varying character, one BLACK and one RED. The most unique aspect of this circuit is that you can alter the frequency according to your instrument. Our priority during production is to first determine the frequency measured relating to the characteristics and the EQ of the bass guitar.


      Common properties of the pre-amplifier

  • Active EQ circuits

  • Four EQ channels

  • High Cut Tone Potentiometer

  • Active balance between magnetics (two or more magnets can work equally together)

  • Circuit on - off rotary switch located on the volume potentiometer

  • 9 Volt power requirements (Can also work with 18 volt - depending on the desired workability)

  • A maximum of 2 milliampere / hour (will last 32 days if use daily at 8 hours/day)

  • Loud output of sound

  • Sound clarity and detail makes all the difference


       Unique properties for each Preamplifier


Does not alter the acoustic sound of the instrument, just raises the volume and the power of the signal. Preferred by those who like a natural and flat sound. Complies with all types of wood and magnetic combinations. For custom-made guitars, it is recommended that you select the wood in accordance with your sound desires.


Recommended for those who prefer darker tones and for those with a fretless guitar. It varies in tone according to magnetic responses. High frequency sounds may sound lower, but the clarity remains the same; Lower frequency sounds louder.

                             Color Options: Chrome - Smoky Chrome - Gold

     Price: $250