The new Gadgetronics Paradox is specifically designed with the stage musician needs in mind.

This is the first handmade channel strip to combine top-notch quality with seamless portability.


The new Paradox features 2 channels of pristine preamp with the widest frequency response possible; 2 channels of fully parametric EQ with highpass and lowpass filters; and a reverb section with excellent algorithm that results in a smooth but not muddy output signal.

The unit is so versatile that it can be used either in stereo, dual mono or can serve as a splitter

(1 channel feeding 2 separate outputs processed independently)

Whether you are a vocalist wishing to process your microphone or a guitarist or bassist, the new


Paradox is the channel strip to help you get that real studio tone on-the-go.

Portability” does not mean “Sacrifice” anymore!

Try one today and you will never want to be without it again!

2 x Balanced / Unbalanced Input with +48Volt Phantom Power  ( Mic / Hi-Z 1MOhm Auto Select )

2 x Hi End Recording Preamplifier ( +60dB Gain - 10Hz to 400kHz Bandwidth )

2 x Balanced XLR Aux Input ( Direct to In Ear Monitor + Selectable Stereo - Dual Mono )

High Pass - Low Pass Filter ( Each Channel )

2 Band Full Parametric EQ with Bypass  ( Changeable Frequency Band )

2 Channel FX DSP ( Three Type Reverb ) 

Post EQ Insert Point ( Each Channel )

Amplifier Out ( Channel A )

Tuner Out ( Channel A )

On-Board In Ear Monitor 135mW

2 x Balanced XLR Output

Mix Mode Switch Each Output ( Sum Two Input Signal to Any Output )

Switch Mode Power Supply ( 100 to 240 ~Ac Voltage Input )

CNC Machined Anodized Aluminium Case with Laser Marking

Four Different Case Color Options

Color Options: Red - Black - Blue - Brown


Price: 1250 EUR